A Father’s Day Tribute to my Dad, Sham Kamlani

I learned many valuable lessons from my dad. This photo is from 1989 during my summer at Interlochen, (yes, band camp). Definitely my awkward decade.

My dad excelled at business. In 1969 he learned about real estate and launched a company in Miami until the market crashed in 1986. We moved to New York where he got into the garment industry. He started Camille Claudel which sold blouses to companies like Victoria’s Secret, opened his own factory, and created local jobs. He moved back to Miami in 2004 and opened Ishq, a modern Indian restaurant on Ocean Drive. All successful businesses. My mom and dad worked as a team. He couldn’t have done it without her.

We would visit family in India every 3 years. Flying on a different carrier each time allowed us to visit various European cities. By the time I was 18 I had explored the UK, France, Italy, Switzerland and more, fueling my passion (travel, culture, and language).

My dad taught me about passion, persistence and integrity. I learned to take risks, learn from failure, work hard/play hard, explore the world, and to give back. But the most valuable lesson was to be a good husband, father and role model. I hope that I am doing half as good a job as he did. Happy Father’s Day Dad, and to all the other amazing fathers out there.