Cala des Moro

Cala des Moro View

On the Southeast corner of Mallorca, just South of Santanyí, is a small beach called Cala des Moro.  Word has gotten out that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Mallorca, so plan to get there early if you want to avoid having to edit out too many people for your Instagram photos.

Walk to Cala des MoroDuring the summer months, the neighborhood where Cala des Moro is located is blocked off to traffic.  You will have to park in a parking lot on Camí de Cala Llombards, and then walk about 1 Km to get to Cala des Moro.  I do not recommend ignoring the warnings that only local residents are allowed to drive through the neighborhood, because there were in fact police officers writing tickets to those who ignored the warnings.

View of Cala des MoroAs you get closer to the beach, there are a few small openings in the trees where you can get some stunning views of Cala des Moro below. We got there quite early and so the reflection of the sun rising on the water took away from the blue color but it was worth it when we got down to the beach and there were very few people.  Follow your GPS to the beach and then on the left there is a wooden swinging door that leads to the path that goes to Cala des Moro.

Cala des Moro pathDuring the summer there was a vendor selling drinks at the top of the path but I doubt they are there year round.  As you get closer to the beach there are a few steep steps to go down in order to reach the beach below, but path is not difficult in general.  The beach is quite small though, and within 1 hour of arrival there was almost no space on the sand for anyone to put down a towel.

Cala des Moro cave


Once you climb down to the sand you will see some small caves behind the beach.  It’s a nice place to escape the sun for a few minutes and provides a cool backdrop for some photos.



Cala des Moro Water

Cala des Moro Pose