Job sites have not yet adjusted to the new world of remote work

The privilege of working remotely has allowed my wife and I to realize our dream of educating our daughters through multicultural experiences for the last 4 years. I encourage everyone to consider the entire range of possibilities that remote work creates.

As I consider the next stage of my career, I notice the internet has not yet caught up with the reality of a more remote workforce.

– Searches on job sites are still primarily tied to a location. I suggest a range of acceptable time difference for job postings rather than specific locations.
– The job search process should be reconfigured to match job seekers and employers based primarily on skills.
– LinkedIn should add a field next to location in profiles where users can indicate that they work remotely.
– ‘Remote’ should be separated out from the list of locations when employers post a job opening. Perhaps some jobs should be remote by default unless employers opt out.

Recruiters should consider that the most qualified candidates may now be in Barbados, Botswana, or Italy, and adjust their processes, apps and websites accordingly.