Does the USA’s disconnection from men’s soccer negatively impact the nation in politics and business?

I think it separates us emotionally. I’m surprised the US has not improved given the psychological influence the sport has on the world, not to mention the massive revenue opportunity.

The worldwide fan base of soccer is 3.5B (

For reference:

American Football (400M)

Basketball (500M)

Baseball (500M)

The USA men’s team didn’t qualify for the 2018 World Cup or the upcoming Olympics. Maybe Americans don’t want to watch a sport they’re so bad at. It seems so un-American not to pursue victory. Normally where there is a will (and lots of money to be made…), there is a way. The US has an excellent women’s team, and the lack of attention they get warrants another article.

TIME Magazine nailed it: @Ratu Kamlani

For the US to compete, a major investment is needed to get the nation’s youth involved. The country should invest now. The #entrepreneur in me says this a proven multibillion-dollar industry just waiting to be built. Trevor, let’s make a movie showing a future where the US has a great men’s soccer team. Rob Flaherty, you look like a sports fan. Wanna help me raise this up the flagpole over there at The White House?