Swimming with Wild Dolphins in Bimini, Bahamas – Summer 2016

We traveled to Bimini specifically because we wanted to swim with wild dolphins.  Sina and I do not believe that animals should be held in captivity, especially for entertainment.  We booked a trip with Captain Neal Watson and had such an unbelievable experience that we immediately booked an encore tour for the next day, but this time without the kids!

You need to have patience and just enjoy the beautiful views of the blue water as Neal and his crew search for pods of dolphin.  It’s so exciting though when they are spotted.  Dolphins are very fast swimmers so if they don’t want to be with you they will just take off.  The first few times we tried getting in the water, that’s exactly what happened.  Having our 2 girls with us didn’t help either because by the time we got them geared up and in the water, the dolphins were long gone.

The next day, however, was a different story.  We found groups of 20 dolphin and after we got into the water, they literally just hung around and played with us.  It made us wish that we didn’t have to breathe because it was such a joy to be underwater with them.  If we swam down into the water and twirled around, they would do the same.  One can see that these are extremely intelligent and curious creatures.

If you are interested in swimming with wild dolphins, I highly recommend a trip to Bimini.